I walk the streets looking for somenoe new
Someone like me who hides away her pain
She must be near
’Cause I feel her watching me
We’re so ashamed of being here again
And the moment I have told her
Those same old lies
I can hardly look into her eyes

And only one more step, she’ll be falling
Down my bottomless well
I’m a demon disguised as an angel
But only the devil can tell
Yeah only one more kiss, we’ll be burning
Our flaming tongues entwined
And still I’m the loneliest man you will find
My heaven is hell but only the devil can tell

I push through a crowd trying to get away
But there is no use, I’ll never lose myself
My smile is so cold, it fools them every time
Or maybe they know that it’s a cry for help
And we never cross the bridges
Between our hearts
’Cause they are long since torn apart

Henrik Cederblom guitar
Fabian Kallerdahl electric piano, organ
Josef Kallerdahl bass
Miko Rezler drums
Lisen Rylander saxophone, backing vocals
Malin Dahlström backing vocals
PR vocals, percussion, trumpet, additional keyboards