Don’t you know the game is over
Don’t you know the race is run
You can’t hide the truth – somewhere there’s a hole
A shadow in your heart, a shadow in your soul

Don’t you know you’ve blown your cover
Can’t you feel the rising sun
You can smile for all you want my friend
Say you’re happy and pretend
Don’t you know your mask is gone

Everybody saw it coming
Everybody knows but you
You have lost the sense of who you really are
The sense of where to go, so you go too far

I can’t say it makes me sorry
Rather it’s a great relief
In the mirror is a lonely face, tragic features out
 of place
The man behind the mask is me

You have lost the game, yeah you’ve lost the game
Don’t you know your mask is gone

Henrik Cederblom guitar
Fabian Kallerdahl piano
Josef Kallerdahl bass
Miko Rezler drums
PR vocals, percussion, brushed snare, harmonium