Tomorrow, I’m gonna be alright
Tomorrow, I think I’ll see the light
The memory of you will soon be fading,
Dying like an ember
Tomorrow, there’s nothing I can’t do

Tomorrow, my autumn will be brief
Tomorrow, a single golden leaf
And spring will soon be here
’Cause I can feel it rising inside me
Tomorrow, the skies will all be clear

Tomorrow, I’ll find somebody new
Tomorrow, I might not feel so blue
The only problem is that I’m a man
Who tends to remember
Tomorrow, she’ll never be like you

Henrik Cederblom guitar
Fabian Kallerdahl organ
Josef Kallerdahl bass
Miko Rezler drums
Lisen Rylander backing vocals, saxophone
Malin Dahlström, Johannes Lundberg backing vocals
Tarik Lindström, Tomas Lindström, Elin Stjärna,
Ann-Christin Raschdorf violin
Tobias Edvardson viola
Mats Lindberg cello
PR vocals, percussion