I cannot get out of bed
I’ve got such a heavy head
Baby, I am losing ground when you’re not around
Got a black eye just for show
How it got there I don’t know
I am in the lost and found when you’re not around
I never seem to get much done, except I did
 some drinking
Then I did some thinking about you
Now my heart of gold has gone blemished and blue
Yes I must confess that darling I’m a mess

So please come back, I’ll straighten up
Otherwise I’m sure to drop
Baby, I ain’t safe and sound when you’re not
 around anymore

Baby when you’re not around
So won’t you come, won’t you come, won’t you
 come back

Henrik Cederblom guitar, backing vocals, hand clap
Fabian Kallerdahl piano
Josef Kallerdahl bass
Miko Rezler drums
Johannes Lundberg backing vocals, hand clap
PR vocals, percussion, trumpet, hand clap